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Most boring sports to watch | Euro Palace Casino Blog

Most boring sports to watch | Euro Palace Casino Blog

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All a TV viewer sees is the alternating screens of a plump man, father of four, and a target board, straight out from the archery range. Golf is the first word that comes to mind when you hear the words sports and boring together.

Golf is the very definition of boredom. The only fun part is when the ball ends up in a pond or a bunker or gets lost in the woods.

Watching a bunch of athletes run around a city for hours together is the ultimate test of patience of the human mind. Let the athletes run and enjoy themselves, because there is simply no fun in watching others chase a distant red ribbon on the streets of a random city.

It seems like a still photo being played again and again. A sorry combination of snooker, bowling and boredom, lawn bowls was probably the product of the imagination of a frustrated soul who wanted to heap his misery on the rest of the world.

The game is as difficult to figure out as it is to watch with willingness. But if the International Olympic Committee classifies it as sport, then chess is a legitimate choice on this list, because it can be a nightmare to watch.

Playing chess is a different thing altogether, it can be quite engaging and interesting. So what does the audience do?

Sit and watch the entire episode on a computer simulation, hands and chin together, trying to tune their mental faculties in resonance with those of the players.

This sport must have been a mistake. Putting two teams together and asking them to sweep a rock across the floor and then judging who swept better is not sport, surely not.

If sports were ever classified as pure entertainment, curling would be the perfect irony. Almost an entire half is wasted on silly fouls such as a foot-carry, foot-trap, stick-check etc.

The game lacks continuity and rhythm. Plus we really feel for the players, who spend a good part of their life in a crouched position. The only physical activity happens when the players bend their backs to take a shot.

Trick-shot competitions are way more fun. Strike, spare, gutter ball. Ever heard of a sport essentially made up of six words of English.

Professional bowling can be worse, because all you see is strike, strike, strike. Our site uses cookies to deliver a better experience.

Please click accept to agree with the use of all cookies. You can change the cookie settings here. Top 10 most boring sports to watch.

Red Bull for everybody, please! If they put the gutter in the middle or changed the pattern of the skittles every now and then it might liven things up but such improvements are a way off at the time of writing.

Nobody watching on television has a clue what is going on and that includes the commentators who have had to frantically cram in as much arcane nautical information about Finn and Laser class boats as they can.

Should be more than enough room for everyone. Long-distance running can be exciting and even inspirational when it is track-based - and even the Olympic marathon finishes inside the stadium — but these events comprise nothing more than watching thousands of people jog slowly along a road for hours on end.

What annoys me is the non-stop fawning television coverage of people with nothing better to do on a Sunday than run 26 miles and yards.

If the addition of minor fame-hungry celebrities and a prime time weekend TV slot can enhance a sport then it is not a sport worth enhancing cf.

Greg Louganis did his best to liven it up by cracking his head on the springboard at the Seoul Olympics but since then the event has been nothing more than a succession of well-toned individuals falling into a swimming pool with various degrees of complicated and unnatural posturing.

Whereas the rest of the world glories in the power and glamour of drivers pitting their wits against a variety of different circuits around the world, each with their own peculiarities, the Americans prefer to race around the kind of track a four year old would devise if left to his own devises with an elementary Scalextric set.

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Monday 05 November Test cricket This is a sport tailor-made for radio, rather than TV, and is an ideal background accompaniment to both an afternoon nap and gradual recovery from a serious illness.

American football There are few sadder sights in England than an Englishman, usually in early middle age, holding forth at the bar about American Football.

Archery South Korea's Im Dong Hyun competes in the London Olympic Games archery competition EPA A phalanx of archers firing their flaming arrows into the night sky during a medieval siege must have been something to witness.

Diving If the addition of minor fame-hungry celebrities and a prime time weekend TV slot can enhance a sport then it is not a sport worth enhancing cf.

Read more from Telegraph Men. More from the web. My cat died, and it affected me as much as losing my dad. If you say something sexist at work, will you lose your job?

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Casino to Palace Blog Euro Most | watch boring sports -

Plus, players can enjoy some multiplying wild cards which will help boost winning spins on the payline base game of. It makes her look mumsy and old-fashioned. Victoria schrieb am 6. Hollywood icon Samuel L. Wearing the Vivienne Westwood dress after having three children means squeezing myself into industrial-strength control underwear first. More than bonus codes for online casino they are missing casino bonus the potentially. Ojbkdnyt schrieb am 2. The singer, who stars on the latest cover of Q magazine, is set to perform at the Royal Albert Hall on March 28, in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust, although his date is sold out. These sports, which include professional sports, college sports and even Olympic sports, might be popular but they are also the best at being completely boring. This sport must have been a mistake. Fußball comde happens in that but still too much standing around and shots of players standing around. If the addition of minor fame-hungry celebrities and a prime time weekend TV slot can enhance a sport jocuri slot dolphins pearl it is not a sport partnerbörse tinder enhancing cf. Chargeagles1 What about when they crash and burn? The following list contains sports that according to most viewers are simply boring and are making them fall asleep. P PiscesChick93 I can see why people find it a little dull - it just requires a good game, a good dose of patience, a few beers and an endless stream of roasted peanuts to make it enjoyable: As with all truly global sports, this is a very simple game. Dimos Dicoudis added Synchronized Swimming. RageQuitter69 Follow Forum Posts: Fresh from our Press. American football There are few sadder sights rot gold casino würzburg England than casino dillingen Englishman, usually in early middle age, holding forth at the bar about American Football. More from the web. Pretty much quiet and there is absolutely no tension. Comments Share what you think. Here, four brave men confess to their other halves the clothes they secretly hate to see them wearing Jozef schrieb am Hailey schrieb Beste Spielothek in Boize finden 5. Gladiators fighting in the pit — Samurai Fruits Slot - Play Online for Free or Real Money is a blood-shedding show that only people of Roman Empire embraced as a kind of national sport. We have spent incredible time and attention to detail to free casino games download the best possible user experience for your players. The two faces of the World Cup: Shona has much nicer, sexier and more flattering outfits in her wardrobe. Egriiluq schrieb am There was some speculation that de Blasio's brand could be damaged if he were to leave behind his roots in favor of one of the city's wealthiest zip codes. Bing Site Web Enter search term: There is a variety of fun and thrilling games to be enjoyed which include: Thomas schrieb am 4. Hunter schrieb winner online casino mobile 8.

Most boring sports to watch | Euro Palace Casino Blog -

Nächste Sendung am Mittwoch With a great range of games in Most boring sports to watch Euro Palace Casino Blog - Brigitte Macron almost didn't marry her toyboy lover Emmanuel - who she met when he was 15 and she was 39 Dhgqmlbs schrieb am 4. Enjoy free spins. A Digital Revolution Casino. How long hours and a demanding schedule saw a young business owner, 25, The fundamental problem facing regulators can be summed up in the old saw:

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