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Im god clams casino wiki

im god clams casino wiki

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker; Captain Murphy – Evil Grin; Clams Casino – Crystals; Dabrye The Blackout All-Stars – I like it like that; Calvin Harris - Pray to God. Apr. Clams Casino - I'm God R.I.P David Higgs. AceDaCreator. Loading Unsubscribe from Instrumental made. Clams Casino - I'm God R.I.P David. Sander van Dijck (* November in Zoetermeer), bekannt unter seinem Künstlernamen Skee-Lo - I Wish; Autolaser - Holding U; Blur - Song 2 · Porter Robinson - Natural Light; Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy Wit It; Clams Casino - I'm God .

Im God Clams Casino Wiki Video

Clams Casino - I'm God R.I.P David Higgs & @djkillbill313

By far most energy I've seen even after being in the hardcore punk scene for years. The real LifeProTip is always in the comments.

Absolutely hated lil b's track over this, luckily Bas did it justice. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Want to add to the discussion? Didn't want the job anyway. I did not need this today. Women are heartless, truly.

Plenty of great beats on Mixtape 3 as well. Blast is also another good one. Thanks clams and thank you based god.

Spent hours trying to remake this. IM GOD is the prodigal son though. Thanks for posting this. If it sounded more like an album track I think that do it justice.

Couldn't agree with this more. Clams' beats in general seem like they intimidate a lot of rappers. Few rappers know how to use them as well as Lil B.

I think it's cause they stand well on their own without the need for vocals or rapping. It's like what more can you really add?

All his mixtape are nice to throw on for ambiance. His second mixtape, Instrumentals 2, is so fire:. I thought part 1 was much better tbh: I often think about this from a producing standpoint.

It can drive me mad but i'm able to tame it. I love how he makes instrumentals where artist are forced to go around him. Clams is something else and I can never put my finger on why and maybe that's the awesome part.

It's actually a legitimately good Lil B song. Ehh, even ignoring the flow or the lyrics, the quality of the recording on lil b's verses really grates on me when combined with what I would consider a really smooth and clean beat from Clams.

I mean, I'm not a fan of his flow or lyricism either, but the clash of the beat production and vocal recording quality bothered me the most.

This is one of the only Lil B songs I like, but I think it's the beat that carries it. I much prefer the instrumental version, if not just for the quality of the recording even haha.

Clams Casino has the song "natural" and "all I need" which are just as good as I'm God in my opinion, I'd link them but I'm on my phone right now.

I cannot express my dear love for this song. The instrumental stands on its own as a pure work of art. I actually know clams, great guy and super talented.

I'd even venues to say he helped in a huge way with putting rocky on the map. Granted Rocky is in his own lane and has some more talent while Keef IMO was only dope to slap with Chop production, but the analogy still works I guess.

Antwon - Turn 2 Die https: I thought Sha Stimuli did a good cover: I'm on mobile, so I can't link it, but I've heard a version with MC rides lyrics from culture shock put over the top.

Not sure I've ever heard Death Grips sound do chill. I downloaded it when I first heard it, and it's now at the top of my iTunes most played list.

There's a remix of Kendricks Poetic Justice that I like, but this is also my favorite beat of all time so I feel like I'd vibe with anything over t haha.

R3K sampled I'm God in a Weezy remix track. Still one of the best Weezy tracks I've heard to this day.

Mac Lethal - I'm Odd. Probably the best usage of the beat I've heard so far. Maybe somebody could get in compiling that for the good of humanity.

Best I know is that Clams puts up his beats on his website, but those are all instrumental of course.

Still great to have on hand if you want something chill to listen to tho. Got the original blue press of the instrumental mixtape vinyl.

One of my grail records for sure: Defintely the best way to enjoy this beat!! Credit to Ryan Emond for the insane camerawork..

That was how I heard of this beat actually. I've been following Mac's career since his first album. He improved greatly over time and There are a lot of good songs here and there, but as a complete project The Texts from Bennett, the "Pale Kid Raps Faster" video piggybacking off of the success of Watsky's video, speeding up his songs so that he seems to rap faster than he actually does, making up a story and saying it came from a fan for the Taylor Swift song, pretending YouTube deleted it, the cringeworthy titles of his YouTube videos, all that stuff's sad to see It just reeks of desperation.

I can look past all that and still enjoy his music he's really a very, very good songwriter, I just don't believe a single word of his lyrics.

Beat is mint though.

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Im god clams casino wiki -

Später werden auch die anderen Mitglieder der Familie durch berühmtere Darsteller ersetzt und sie müssen in ein Hotel ziehen. Peter gründet daraufhin den unabhängigen Staat Petoria. Peter überredet sie, als Stewardess zu arbeiten, da er dann umsonst fliegen kann. Lois rettet ihren Mann vor dem wütenden Mob, indem sie eine Rede hält darüber, wie sehr das Fernsehen sie zum Negativen beeinflusst hat. Peter kümmert sich darum und scheitert. Die deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung der ersten drei Episoden und der 5. Threads made to speculate about cryptic social media posts or website updates are also not allowed. Clams elevated rocky incredibly, imo, but he definitely got a lot of exposure as well. It's like what more can you really add? You have to listen to this on a late summer evening just as the sun is setting with the windows down driving down an empty back road after getting your heart broken, or you haven't really listened to it. Want to add to the discussion? Use Proper Title Format Do not make up Diamond Queen Slot Machine Online ᐈ IGT™ Casino Slots tags. I'm on mobile, so I can't euro 2020 it, but I've heard a version with MC rides lyrics from culture shock put over the top. Use of this Beste Spielothek in Fehlheim finden constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Thanks clams and thank you based god. Clams Casino - I'm God youtu.

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